Best Potty Chair For Boy Reviews 2022

Potty training is a big milestone for your child and you. A lot of parents say that it can be even harder than potty training your toddler if not done the right way. The best way to potty train your children is by getting them interested in using the best potty chair for boys. A good number of kids prefer to use adult toilets but they don’t know how to flush or clean their private parts after using such toilet, which might cause health problems in future. That’s why we advise you get them a potty chair, where they can easily use and practice .

Top Picks for Best Potty Chair For Boy

1.BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty

The BabyBjorn toilet training stool is a modern and stylish solution that allows your child to sit comfortably on it and feel like an adult. The non-slip feet, soft rubber edge and splashguard provide comfort and security for kids of all sizes, while the ergonomic design makes this potty chair stable enough for an adult to sit on as well. It has a wide opening at the front which makes cleaning easy and reduces odor retention, making this potty hygienic place where your toddler can use it without worrying about germs. The product comes with anti-slip pads to keep it in place and prevent slipping accidents during toilet training. You should note that the BabyBjorn stool has only two positions: one for infants and one for toddlers who are older than 18 months. The best thing about this potty chair is that it has a low design which makes it suitable for home use and also easy to carry when traveling. All in all, this potty training stool from the BabyBjorn company is perfect for your child’s bathroom and can be great addition to your baby shower gift list.

  • Very comfortable

  • Good posture

  • Doesn’t have a carrying bag

2.Summer Infant My Size Potty

The Summer Infant My Size Potty is a comfortable and safe place for your child to use during potty training. It has a wide base which makes it extra stable, thus preventing possible accidents that might happen while going to the restroom. The product comes with an easy to clean surface made from durable plastic material. Your kid can easily get on and off the chair by themselves without any assistance because of its low design and easy-to-reach handles on both sides. You can even purchase a removable potty seat cover which will provide extra comfort for your little one when using the potty chair for boys during bowel movement.

It also ensures proper hygiene because you can remove the lid and wash it in water if needed, eliminating odor buildup. Your child will be comfortable while using this potty training product because the edges are covered with an extra soft material, providing them with a good grip.

  • Extra cushioning

  • Front rim for boys

  • High price

3.Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty Seat

The Thomas & Friends potty training seat is a comfortable and highly-portable product that can be used both at home and on the go. On one side, the toddler potty chair has an extra height to provide your child with more stability as they grow up and learn how to use it properly. It comes with a lid which you can open or close depending on whether you want your toddler to sit on it or not. This ensures privacy for kids who are potty training because it prevents them from wondering off while going through a bowel movement. The outer surface is made from a durable plastic material that is easy to clean after finishing using it. However, some people prefer softer materials because of their kid’s skin sensitivity but this type of material is better when it comes to hygiene. This potty chair for boys also has a front rim that prevents any urine from going past the edge and onto the floor, thus eliminating messes.

  • Effective design

  • High-quality plastic material

  • Doesn’t have a lid lock

4.EasyGoProducts Potty Training Seat

The Potty Training Seat from EasyGoProducts is a hygienic and safe place for your child to use when going through potty training. It comes with an ergonomic design which makes it suitable for toddlers who are still in the early stages of potty training, up until they become fully toilet trained. The front rim is wide enough to provide children with optimum security when using the trainer, while the edges are soft and padded, providing them extra comfort throughout their time on this chair. The product also has a non-slip bottom which ensures maximum stability and prevents accidents from happening while your kid learns how to use it properly. You can even lock the lid in place while you’re washing this potty by flipping it over so the top side of the trainer will remain locked.

  • Extra-wide front rim

  • Non-slip bottom

  • Doesn’t have a lid lock

5.OXO Tot Potty Chair

The OXO Tot Potty Training Seat has an attractive design that will look great in your bathroom. The ergonomic shape makes it safe for children to use, while the comfortable handles on each side of the chair allow them to easily climb up and down by themselves. This potty training seat also has a built-in splash guard which protects your kid from making messes while going through potty training. Additionally, you can lock the lid into place or leave it open depending on what type of design you want for your child’s restroom. It is suitable for younger kids who are still learning how to use a regular toilet because this toddler potty chair has a low height and wide base which make it very stable. You can even clean it easily by wiping it down with a cloth and anti-bacterial soap, ensuring optimum hygiene for your child. However, the material may feel too hard for some kids so you might want to place a soft towel or blanket underneath their bums so they can be more comfortable when going through this process.

  • Curved handles

  • Built-in splash guard

  • Very Affordable

  • Too low for older children

  • Hard material

Things to consider before buying Potty Chair For Boy


When choosing a potty chair for your little boy, it is important to look at its size. The best option would be to get one that has adjustable height level because this will allow you to choose the right setting depending on how tall your child is. If the training seat comes with multiple seats, make sure they are removable so you can easily clean them, or you can purchase different covers separately if these parts cannot be detached from each other.


Make sure that the bottom of the trainer is wide enough and doesn’t have too many angles which might cause your toddler to slip when using it properly. Also ensure that it has some grips so it won’t slide while they’re going through a bowel movement on their own. A wider base will make the product more stable, while some rubber pads on its base will help keep it from moving around on tiled floors.


Kid’s skin is usually very sensitive so you should look for an easy-to-clean training seat that has a plastic or vinyl material that doesn’t irritate your toddler’s skin. You can also go for seats that have an anti-bacteria coating to limit the growth of germs and bacteria on the surface of this equipment. The backrest must be made out of soft material as well so your child won’t complain about any discomfort while they’re sitting on it.

4.Handle Bar

Toddlers are still learning how to use their legs properly so they would need something to hold on to while they’re sitting on this potty chair. Make sure that it has anti-slip grips so your child won’t fall off when using it because the design is not ideal for boys who are still learning how to balance their body properly.

5.Non Slip Bottom

The entire surface of this training seat must be non slip in order to prevent accidents from happening during the potty training phase. This will also help keep your kid safe while they’re sitting on it all by themselves, especially if you have wooden floors in your bathroom area.

6.Lid Lock

If you want a trainer with a lid, make sure it can lock in place or has an elastic band which allows the seat to effectively cover the lid without falling down. You can also go for the semi-transparent design which will allow you to see if your child needs to use it or not, while still maintaining their privacy.

7.Lid Design

The ideal potty chair for boys should have a smooth lid that won’t make loud noises when you lift it up or push it down gently. This will keep your child from getting scared because of what’s inside of it, especially since everything is new for them during these training stages! It must be ergonomically designed as well so your kid will feel comfortable sitting on top of the seat without having any problems with its appearance or overall functionality.

8.Splash Guard

A great feature for this type of potty seat is a splash guard which will keep your toddler from getting the bathroom wet each time they use it. The design should be strategically placed so you don’t have to worry about water overflowing, while some have removable parts that can be cleaned separately. Some parents might not want their child going through these training stages because it’s a lot of work, but as soon as your little one starts using this equipment without any problems then you know that all the effort was worth it!


If you’re a parent that is on a budget then you should go for a training seat that’s only half the price of the most expensive models. This way, you can have two pieces at home, just in case one has to be washed or left out to dry after your child uses it. You can choose from an assortment of designs and styles as well so make sure you’ll pick the product which will look best in your bathroom area.


Last but not least, make sure the model you’ve chosen is available through your favorite online store. This way, if something happens to your training seat then you can immediately order a new one without any issues. The best thing about shopping online at trusted stores is that you won’t have to pay for shipping fees which might take up half of the product’s price! Always read reviews first before buying anything so other parents can help you decide on what will work best for your kid and your bathroom space as well.

11.Easy to clean


It’s best if the model you choose has a smooth surface which is easy to wipe down with a clean cloth or tissue. You can also have it checked by your friendly neighborhood service so they’ll tell you what you need to do in order for your child’s training seat to look as good as new even after using it for an extended period of time.

12.Flushable Liners

If you’re really tight on cash then flushable liners might be the ideal solution for your current situation. Don’t expect them to keep everything inside of this potty seat, though, because they will only give your toddler and yourself some extra time before having to clean up all that mess! Make sure that any liner matches the size of your training seat so it will stay in place without any problem.

13.Cute Designs

A lot of parents like the idea of giving their child a themed potty chair which reminds them of their favorite TV character or movie plot! If this sounds like something that might work for your own kid then you should start looking for designs and styles that match his or her personality as well as preferences. Colors play an important role here as well, but they can be changed through DIY projects if they don’t match everything else in your bathroom area.


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