Best Office Chair For Tall Person Reviews 2022

We spend one third of our lives sitting down. Sitting at work, studying or even watching TV. It has become very important to find the best office chair for tall people since length of time spent on your keister is increasing rapidly during past few years. What was considered as very good 8 hours per day average at work a decade ago is now considered as minimum and maximum by many organisations. Today you’re lucky if you can do just 10 hours per day seated which makes it 3 full time jobs in the world of sedentary lifestyle.

Many office workers today find themselves spending way too much time at work and even more than that, they find themselves sitting down for another two to three hours at home after their daily grind is done. If we add long commutes to this equation we get ourselves a recipe for back pain, neck pain or other serious health problems such as obesity or diabetes because people don’t want to leave their cozy chairs after they come home from work because there’s always some TV show or video game which requires attention.

Top Picks for Best Office Chair For Tall Person

1.YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

The first on our list of best office chairs for tall people is this black beauty which comes at the cost less than $100. The YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair High-Back Computer Chair Racing Chair has mesh fabric back rest and ergonomic design which provides lumbar support to suit every user’s needs. It has great weight capacity even bigger than 330 pounds so if you’re between for example 6″2′ and 260 lbs it will be just fine. The armrests are also adjustable both vertically and laterally so they can be used by people who are not that big but want extended freedom over their movements while working at their desk. The chair goes up and down so you can adjust it to height which suits your needs best. You can also recline it as much as you want for maximum comfort which will be especially helpful if you tend to work long hours without breaks.It also has a headrest pillow so if you find yourself working long hours without breaks this chair will provide you with much needed neck support.

  • Mesh fabric back rest
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Headrest pillow
  • Not that good for super tall people (over 6″2)
  • Bit pricey for casual use by ordinary person

2.OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair

This beauty of an office chair comes at the cost of $180 and it is not only best choice for tall people but also for all other demographics. With highly adjustable features, thick padded seat and backrests with racing stripes this high-back leather mesh ergonomic executive chair will satisfy everyone’s needs without any problems. It has maximum height adjustment which means that even if you’re very tall or very short it won’t be a problem to set this chair up at the proper height so that your feet are on the floor. The armrests can go up and down both laterally and vertically while they are also made out of thick padding which makes them extra comfortable during long hours spent in front of computers. You can recline it as much or as little as you like and it also has lumbar support and headrest pillow which will be helpful if you plan on using this chair for more than 8 hours per day. Overall it is a very good quality high-back executive racing style office chair with maximum comfort and durability that can satisfy even the pickiest users at their desks.

  • High adjustable features
  • Thick padding everywhere
  • Lumbar support & headrest pillow

  • Not suitable for long sitting

3.La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

The La-Z-Boy Delano is a high back office chair with maximum comfort and durability in mind. It can support weights of up to 350 pounds and it has very good weight capacity which makes this one of the best chairs for tall people. This model comes at a very fair price that everyone can afford and even if you’re on a budget this leather executive armchair will be able to fulfill all your needs in one go. The design is something that should attract every user because not only does it look modern but also very elegant which means that it can be used by people both young or old without any problems whatsoever. The features are fully adjustable including armrests, lumbar support, tilt tension control, tilt lock knob and you can also recline in this chair as much or little as you like. Overall this is an excellent choice for tall people who want to work in the comfort of their homes while having pleasantly soft armrests and back rest all day long.

  • Maximum weight capacity (350 pounds)
  • Very good price for what it offers
  • 360 degrees swivel & tilt both vertically & laterally

  • Noisy when rotating/tilting

4.Nightingale CXO Office Chair

This is another office chair for tall people that comes at an extremely good price. If you’re looking to save some money then this might be the best choice for you because not only does it look like a high quality product but also has many features that will make your working days much more comfortable than before. The seat can go up and down, tilt forwards or backwards while it can also rotate 360 degrees which means you’ll always find the perfect position whether it’s laying back or leaning forward in order to type on your keyboard without any problems whatsoever. The lumbar support is adjustable so if you don’t need it at all times, simply push the button and forget about it until next time when you decide that you want to use it again. The wider armrests also have thick padding and can be adjusted both vertically and laterally so this chair has a lot to offer in the comfort department as well as adjustability which is rare for models at this price point. There are no bells and whistles regarding features but you’ll definitely find that it’s easy to assemble, looks very modern and elegant, has good weight capacity (up to 250 pounds) and the leather upholstery felt extremely soft from day 1.

  • Very good lumbar support
  • Soft material & comfortable armrests
  • Noisy when rotating/tilting

5.Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Classic Aeron is a high back chair with a very modern design and top notch build quality. If you’re in the market for a new office chair then this might be the best choice because it has all the latest features you’ll need when working on your computer including adjustable ergonomic design, mesh material which is stretched across the entire surface of the chair to keep your cool while sitting in it for hours, adjustable lumbar support that can fit everyone’s needs & comfort zone etc. This model also has a long lifespan so there’s no doubt that you will be able to use it without any problems for many years to come. When it comes to price-quality ratio this one definitely deserves 5 stars out of 5 because it’s extremely well designed, looks very modern and also has some advanced features that not even a lot of high end chairs have. You can adjust the arms in various ways including height and different angles which is something that separates this model from others in its category. Overall if you’re looking for a great office chair for tall people then this might be the best choice without any doubt.

  • Very well made & durable
  • Mesh material for better ventilation
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Expensive compared to other options on our list but still affordable when compared to other top brands/models

Things to consider before buying Office Chair For Tall Person


This is one of the more important factors that you’ll have to take into consideration before making a purchase because some options might be out of your budget but on the other hand there are also some good deals that will allow you to get a high quality office chair without spending a lot of money. In our opinion, you should never buy an office chair for tall people with this price range ($200-$800) if it doesn’t offer at least 4 stars out of 5 when it comes to user feedbacks and comments because most models in this category will already provide such features. You can find many chairs for $150-$250 like the ones we mentioned above and they’re excellent choices without any doubt especially if you need something affordable with equally great build quality.

2.Weight Capacity

When it comes to weight capacity, there are no strict numbers that you should stick to because some chairs will be able to carry more than others but in general if your weight is within the average range then most office chairs for tall people should work just fine for you. However, you might want to avoid models which have a small maximum capacity (200 pounds or below) because they often get less reliable over time which means their lifespan decreases drastically. If you weigh more than 250 pounds on an everyday basis then we strongly advise you to go with at least 300 pounds so your chair won’t be damaged over time. Also make sure that the material used for the base is heavy duty & quality in order to withstand your weight for many years to come.

3.Adjustable Features

Most office chairs have some great features that taller people will love but in order to get the most out of them you’ll need a chair with adjustable height, armrests & backrest. Adjustable lumbar support is also something that can be important because it allows you to set the right level of comfort based on your needs which means you won’t have any issues while working long hours on your computer without feeling pain or stress in your lower back region. We strongly advise all taller people to pay attention to this factor because having an adjustable chair might change your life completely by reducing the stress placed on your spine, muscles and joints dramatically compared to regular chairs where you can’t do anything except for using a pillow.

4.Material & Thickness

Believe it or not, the material that your office chair is made of can also have an important impact on your overall experience which is something you definitely need to consider before making a purchase because different materials offer different benefits and disadvantages which you will know about only if you read some reviews from actual users who tested them before. We advise all taller people to go with mesh or padded leather because they’re very breathable and will allow air to flow freely through your back, neck & arms especially during hot summer days where sweat can be a problem in most cases. One thing that’s also extremely important is the thickness of upholstery which usually varies between 1-3 inches but more expensive chairs have a higher density which means they’re softer, more comfortable and last much longer compared to low quality models where the upholstery will be thinner and might become flat after a few months/years of usage.

5.Weight Capacity Vs Overall Durability

As we’ve mentioned above, some office chairs for tall people have a high weight capacity while others don’t so it’s extremely important to pay attention to this factor before making your final decision because if you buy an affordable model with 200 pounds or below then your chair won’t last long at all due to its weak material & overall structure. Our advice is that you should always look for at least 300 pounds because most mid-range options offer such features without increasing the price too much in comparison to high-end models which start from 400 pounds and more.


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