Best Office Chair For Short Person Reviews 2021

Best Office Chair For Short Person available in the market accommodate an average frame. If you have a small stature, i.e., below 5’3”, then chances are that your hair might aggravate your existing back pains or potentially create new ones. A chair designed for your physique will help you concentrate on your work by supporting your back, thighs, and arms. So, next time you buy a chair, ensure that the chair not only has a stylish design but also has useful features.

Seat Height

The seat height of an average office chair is adjustable between 18-inch—22-inch. If you have petite stature, find a chair that can be lowered to 18 inches or lower. The seat height is not nearly as important as seat depth for a short person since you always have the option of using a footrest in case the chair isn’t low enough for you.


The backrest should be adjustable to fulfill your height requirements. It should be capable of tilting forward; this supports your back when sitting on the edge of your seat and reduces pressure on your lower back.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support with depth adjustability may be necessary to ensure it fully supports our back.


The chair’s armrests are recommended to be fully adjustable, especially in width, to bring them closer to your body when required. Hard armrests can potentially pinch the ulnar nerves, which could lead to elbow pain or severe syndromes, so make sure to have well-padded armrests.

Without any further due, let’s peek at some of the Best Office Chair For Short Person and also check out Best Chair For Bad Back At Home.

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Create a sophisticated look in your space with the Rimiking adjustable home & office chair.

GIVE FREEDOM TO YOUR BODY : T50 is not only beautiful, but also practical in the ergonomic point of view.

Back includes a system of flexors for continuous lower back support as you move throughout the day.

WARRANTY: Our office furniture chairs are intended for a standard eight hour, single shift work day for users weighing up to 250 pounds, and are covered by a Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

DURABLE OFFICE CHAIR – Featuring a sturdy two tone five-star nylon base with armrests that easily rotate up, Edge is a versatile modern desk chair that offers reliable support for everyday use.

Top 5 Best Office Chair For Short Person

Seat Depth: 17.32” Seat Width: 19.69”

Backrest Height: 14.57”

Max Capacity: 200 lbs

The Rimiking Home Task Chair is an Eye-catching sophisticated office chair. This stylish chair has a fantastic design and extremely comfortable. It features a high-density, low backrest, and soft seat cushion designed to fit both modern decor and traditional decor. It allows you to easily adjust the seat height with the help of the one-touch height adjustment lever. 

Rimiking comes with a 360° degree mobility along with smooth and quiet movement on any surface. This chair is super easy to assemble and requires no extra tools allowing you to put it together within 30 minutes. 

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • 360° Mobility
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Chair lowers to an incredible 14.5-inches
  • No Armrests
  • Backrest doesn’t Tilt

Seat Depth: 18.5” Seat Width: 18.5”

The T50 offers fully-adjustable features that’ll enhance your comfortability. It features adjustable lumbar support that alleviates any back problems, helping you stay comfortable all day long. The SIDIZ T50 is an excellent value of money because of its S-shaped backrest that keeps your spine in perfect s-formation.

The high back and adjustable height range give you a comfortable position while working. This stylish charge is also a good option for short people of its adjustable tilt and height range. The T50 covers all aspects of human seating and comfort, thanks to its upgraded cushioning support.

  • 3-Way Adjustable Arm
  • Breathable Mesh Back
  • Seat Depth and Forward Tilt Adjustable
  • Seat gets dirty easily

Seat Depth: 15.5”-18.5“ Seat Width: 19.25”

Max Capacity: 300 lbs

Steelcase Amia is one of the best chairs for short people. It provides you good lumbar support, excellent seat pan width, and depth along with a versatile range of height adjustments. The chair has an adjustable seat depth and flexible seat edge that relieves pressure on the back when you recline or sit forward.

The seat width is narrower compared to other chairs and would not cause any circulation issues if you’re shorter.

Steelcase has also incorporated 4-way adjustable armrests: up and down, side-to-side, back and forth, and side pivoting. This amount of customizable adjustment gives you full control over the width and height of your arm support.

Although Steelcase Amia might pinch your pocket, the Amia’s design and functionality will serve your needs efficiently and one of the best office chair for short person.

  • Huge Color Variants Availability
  • 12 Years Steel Case Warrant
  • 4-Way Adjustable Armrests
  • Preferred by Short People
  • Expensive

Seat Depth: 17” Seat Width: 18.25”

Backrest Width: 20.07” Backrest Height: 25”

Max Capacity: 250 lbs

Ursa Petite Drafting Chair is a great fitting chair designed for those with smaller statures. As a drafting chair, the Ursa is excellent for standing desks and tall desks without compromising on safety and comfort for short people. It is installed with a tall gas cylinder that offers a hydraulic lift to adjust the height range between 24”-28” from seat to floor and a foot ring to support your legs at this height. It has a 360° swivel allowing you to multi-task and transfer between multiple work surfaces with the least effort.

It is a fantastic drafting chair preferred and used by many short people. It provides all the comfort and support required by a short person.

  • Large Height Range
  • Adjustable Backrest Height
  • Easy to Mount
  • Seat Depth not Adjustable

Seat Depth: 18.5” Seat Width: 19.5”

Backrest Width: 19” Backrest Height: 19.5”

Max Capacity: 330 lbs

Modway Edge is the best office chair for people shorter than 5’3”. This amazing desk chair has a seat tilt with tension control that emphasizes comfort. One of its paramount features is its flip-up armrests. The chair gives the option of flipping up the armrests in case you prefer not to use them. 

Modway is made up of heavy-duty materials to give you the best quality chair with a modern ergonomic design. It can withstand a weight up to 330 pounds that tell us about its strong and sturdy built.

In Addition, it also features back angle adjustment, one-touch height adjustment, breathable mesh back, lumbar support, and padded waterfall edge and one of the best office chair for short person.

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