Best Gaming Chairs For Short Person Reviews 2022

Getting the best gaming chair for a short person is not only important, but it can make all the difference. Just imagine how much difference your posture will make when you sit in an uncomfortable chair every day to play games. There are many things that gamers need to consider when buying a new chair, and this list should help.

Don’t pay attention to how much someone weighs or what size clothing they wear, because all chairs fit differently – although I don’t think anyone would want to hear that they’re too big for a piece of furniture anyway! The key thing here is height. This is why we have reviewed some of the best gaming chairs from brands such as DXRacer, AK Racing and Nitro Concepts, so you know you’re getting a chair that is designed for your body.As you are probably aware, most chairs are not made with short people in mind. This can be quite frustrating when you finally find a chair that looks comfortable only to discover that it’s too high or too low for you. So if you’ve got the money to spend on new gaming accessories, this list should help – whether you play PC games or console games does not matter! Here is our pick of the best game chairs for gamers who are 5’5″ and under. These may also work well for gamers who are 6’0″, but depending on their preference they might want to get something slightly taller instead.

Top Picks for Best Gaming Chairs For Short Person

1.AKRacing Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming chairs for short people, AKRacing is one of the biggest and most trusted names. You can tell they invest a lot of time and effort into their design because these chairs feel just as good as they look. Here we have included the new version of their flagship chair, which is easily adjustable and comfortable no matter what you weigh or how long you sit down for. Thanks to its sleek and ergonomic design, it’s also suitable for taller gamers who might not be able to find the perfect fit with other brands. The newly updated version improves on comfort even more by giving you extra support in all the right places. It’s super easy to set up too! However, keep in mind that this chair is more expensive than most other options on the market. It’s not too pricey, but you will have to pay extra for their new premium model which features a head rest and even more advanced adjustments. Personally I find the regular model with no headrest to be just as comfortable, so if you can afford this chair, it’s definitely one of the best out there! Our Score:  4/5

  • Ergonomic design – suitable for short and tall gamers
  • Multiple adjustable features – perfect for long gaming sessions
  • Sturdy metal construction with a sleek look – not cheap looking in any way!
  • A little bit pricey

2.DXRacer OH-RAA106

Many consider DXRacer to be the best brand for PC chairs, especially when it comes to racing and sports style models. You probably know this is a big name in the gaming world by now, and most of their chairs cost quite a bit more than you’d expect for furniture. However, they’re excellent value considering how long these chairs last and with such high quality materials that are also comfortable enough to sit on for hours at a time. This particular model is one of their cheapest (and still great quality) so we’ve included it as our number two pick because not everyone has $300+ to spend on a new chair. Although it doesn’t have as many customizable features as some other models, you do get adjustable armrests and the chance to change the height of the seat. Again, this is not designed with short people in mind but can work well if you’re willing to spend some time discovering which of their many models suit your needs best. Our Score:  4/5

  • Stylish design
  • Perfect for racing game fans on a budget
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Support for all different heights (armrests are also very sturdy)
  • Supports weight up to 250lbs

  • Not ideal for shorter gamers (maximum height is around 5’8″)

3.Arozzi Verona Junior

If you’re looking for a great quality chair that’s not going to cost you much at all, then this is your best option. It might not be the most stylish but I’d say it looks pretty good once you’ve set it up and added a few of your own personal touches. The built-in speakers in the headrest are also a nice touch if you play a lot of multiplayer games where in-game sound effects are vital! Seriously, these will make quite the difference! Another cool feature I like is how easy it is to turn on/off so if you get distracted by someone walking past or you need to get up quickly for any reason, just press down on either armrest and this triggers the power switch. Also, the high back design looks and feels great, and is one of the main reasons I decided to include this chair on our list. The fact that it’s also available in a range of colors helps make up for its lack of ergonomics too (there are only two positions you can adjust to which might not be ideal for shorter gamers). Our Score:  4/5

  • Low cost
  • Perfect option if money is tight or your child wants something smaller than adult chairs
  • Stylish black and red design with built-in speakers and armrest controls
  • High back design with soft padding
  • Adjustable tilt feature makes this chair easy to turn on/off when needed

  • Not as comfortable as most PC chairs
  • Poor lumbar and neck support

4.Homall Executive Swivel Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair

This is another great cheap option that you’re going to want to consider if you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on a new chair or if space is an issue (the dimensions are not as wide as many other models). This chair works perfectly for those who like racing games, but it can also be useful for playing FPS and action adventure titles due to the overall level of comfort it delivers with its extra thick padding and durable construction. Plus, the faux leather upholstery looks and feels amazing! You may find that your back starts to ache if you use this chair for long sessions, but it’s definitely one of the most comfortable models on the market that also happens to cost next to nothing. I also really like how sturdy and easy-to-use this model is with its pneumatic controls and smooth gas lift function. Our Score:  4/5

  • Affordable price
  • Perfect option if space is an issue or your budget is tight
  • Stylish red and black design with faux leather upholstery
  • Solid steel construction means this chair will last a lifetime!

  • Uncomfortable lumbar support

5.GTRACING Gaming Chair 

I was really impressed with the quality of this chair and it’s something I’d happily recommend to most gamers. The only downside is that there aren’t a lot of color options available, but you’ll have a hard time finding a comfortable PC racing chair in a similar price range so I think it’s worth sticking with! Another thing to consider is that the warranty isn’t as long as some other models from brands such as Steelcase or Flash Furniture, but I don’t know why anyone would want their kids rocking these more expensive models unless they’re extremely serious about gaming. In any case, this GTRACING Racing Chair is incredibly easy to put together and adjust which means your child can start playing right away instead of having to wait around for you. It’s one of the best PC gaming chairs under $100 and I love how comfortable it is, even for extended periods! Our Score:  4/5

  • Great value
  • Perfect option if you want to introduce your child to PC gaming without breaking the bank
  • Fits most desks with ease – easily adjustable armrest controls and height function ensure that this chair will grow with your little ones as they get older
  • Short warranty period but that’s standard with most products in this price range

Things to consider before buying Gaming Chairs For Short

1. Ease of set up

When it comes to gaming chairs for short people, you need to make sure that the model you choose is quick and simple to assemble. Most models will only take around 20-40 minutes to put together – not much longer than a regular PC chair! However, if you’re looking at bigger chairs from Flash Furniture or DXRacer then it’s safe to expect them to take around an hour or so. Just be patient when it comes time for assembly and check out our reviews above for more details on how long it took us to get each one up and running.

2. Comfort

One important thing I learned while compiling this list is that comfort can be extremely subjective. One might think a chair is ultra comfortable due to the level of padding, but later end up complaining that it’s too stiff. It’s something you’ll need to think about carefully when picking out a new gaming chair for your child! Most people will want one with supportive backrest along with sufficient padding – this way you can sit comfortably at your desk playing games or working on other projects for hours without having to worry about getting an ache or pain.

3. The height isn’t adjustable

This is especially important if you’re buying a PC gaming chair for short adults who are 5’5″ or lower. They might still be able to use the chair by modifying the angle themselves, but they won’t have much control over vertical settings which impact their posture slightly in the long run. 

It’s an important factor to keep in mind when buying a chair that might be used by both kids and adults, or multiple people with different height requirements. So make sure you’re able to adjust the height before you drop your money!

4. Other features

Before making a purchase, it’s also worth checking out if the model has any additional features such as built-in speakers or RGB lighting – these are often found on high-end chairs which are suitable for older gamers who want the best possible set up at their desk. However, even budget models will have some of these functions so take note of them when browsing our list above! And don’t forget about other things like warranty periods and customer support just in case something goes wrong with your purchase.

5. Budget

Last but not least, it’s important to set yourself a budget before you start looking at your preferred models. This way you’ll know ahead of time just how much you’re willing to spend and won’t walk away from the store disappointed because you can’t afford something that looked perfect online! The range of prices for these chairs is pretty broad with some ultra-budget options going for less than $50 and high-end models coming in around $300.

6.Price range

If you’re interested in buying a PC gaming chair for short adults, it’s worth noting that the prices are pretty high on most models. This is especially true if you want something that will last through several years of intensive use! As with any furniture, some chairs are better than others so take your time to see which ones work best for your needs. 


There are some big names out there when it comes to making computer gaming chairs – DXRacer and AK Racing are just two companies who have made quite an impression on gamers around the world! However, their designs don’t always suit younger people or those who might not be comfortable using ultra-strict racing-style chairs. So make sure you do some online research before you head out to the store.


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