Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One Reviews 2021

If you’re looking for a Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One suited for playing Xbox One, then you’ve come to the right place. Different gamers have different needs and preferences. For instance, PC gaming and Console gaming would require a totally different chair. PC gamers usually bend over the desk, so they require a chair that supports their back. A typical office chair might do the job.

On the other hand, Console gamers generally sit a little away for the screen, so they require a couch-like chair where they can lean back and relax. 

Before buying a Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One, ensure that it has and also check out Best Office Chair For Tall Person.

  1. Compatibility ( Can connect to Xbox One )
  2. Comfortability
  3. Recline Capacity
  4. In-Built Speaker (Optional)
  5. Good Quality Cushions
  6. Wide and has Ergonomic Support
  7. Easy to Move (Portable)
  8. Stylish

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ALL PURPOSE GAMING CHAIR WITH SPEAKERS: Faux leather outer with stylish breathable fabric back and seat.

Ergonomic and high backrest designs allow your head, back and hips to be well protected. 

Upgrade your gaming experience with this ergonomically designed racing gaming chair. 


WIRELESS CONNECTION: Connect quickly to your devices, and enjoy music, mobile games, tv or movies. Optional RCA cables included.

Top 5 Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One

X Rocker is the biggest brand when it comes to console gaming chairs. It is known for creating astounding high-end chairs.

X Rockstar Pedestal Extreme III is an all-purpose gaming chair, a perfect accessory for playing Xbox one. It comes with an AFM audio force technology that creates vibrational audio intensifying your movie and gaming experience and one of the Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One.

The gaming chair accompanies a stylish, breathable fabric with faux leather. Unlike other gaming chairs, this one has a pedestal that suits big and tall people and increases comfortability. The gaming chair incorporates two speakers, audio force modulation (AFM) technology, and a 4″ ported power subwoofer for full immersion in your music, movie, and game. Additionally, Pedestal Extreme III allows you to connect with multiple chairs. 

Its control panel consists of separate volume and bass control along with input/output jacks for connecting to other X Rocker chairs during multiplayer mode. 

It has a maximum weighing capacity of 275 pounds.

Seat Depth: 25” Seat Width: 21”

Backrest Width: 20.07” Backrest Height: 25”

Max Capacity: 275 lbs

The DX Racer is specially designed for home and office use. It has a wide backrest that completely protects your back and hips. Its 360° swivelable base, 3D adjustable armrests, and 90°-135° safe backrest designed to make you have a comfortable experience, not to mention the high-quality shaping foam and elastic leather that relaxes your body. An added benefit, it comes with a 30 days trial offer, so if this isn’t suitable, you always return it for free. Additionally, It has a 2-year warranty on connecting parts and lifetime warranty on internal steel framing of seat/backrest.

Seat Depth: 19” Seat Width: 18”

Backrest Width: 22” Backrest Height: 34”

Max Capacity: 200 lbs

  • 360° swivelable base
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Comfortable
  • Large Backseat Angle Adjuster
  • Max capacity of 200 lbs only

The VON Racer is specifically for racing games. It features memory foam padding in addition to the existing seat cushion and lumbar pillow. It allows you to adjust almost every single part of the racing-style gaming chair perfectly to fit your physique’s type and height. Moreover, you can adjust the height of the chair, the tilt of the backrest, the backpressure, and the armrests. 

The armrests have a 3D adjustment system, up and down, forth and back, and other rotations. All of the practical mechanisms are very easy to control and are re-adjustable, providing you unbelievable comfort. It has a detachable padded headrest and lumbar cushions that support your neck and spine to avoid back-pain.

Seat Depth: 20.5” Seat Width: 21.7”

Backrest Width: 23.2” Backrest Height: 33.5”

Max Capacity: 400 lbs

  • Suitable for Heavy people (400 lbs)
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • No ports or speakers

Openwheeler GEN2 is known for its race-gaming experience. It is stylish and comfortable to assemble a gaming chair. It allows you to adjust your distance from the wheel, pedals, and height of the wheel, making it super classy and comfy. It is designed to accommodate all major brand wheels Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec: such as G920, Logitech shifter, TMX, G29, and many more. The seat of the cockpit offers all the stability and comfort a game racer requires.

Seat Depth: 22” Seat Width: 22”

Backrest Width: 21” Backrest Height: 33.5”

X Rocker SE 2.1 is a multipurpose gaming chair that can be used for playing games, listening to music, watching movies/TV, reading, and relaxing. SE 2.1 comes with black leather and wireless audio transmission. It has a pair of speakers near the headrest and subwoofer that gives you an immersive media experience and an intensified gaming experience. 

Furthermore, the headphone jack available allows you to plug in your headphones and conveniently adjust the volume and bass.

This chair, too, can easily connect with multiple X Rocker chairs for multiplayer mode. 

Seat Depth: 25” Seat Width: 21.1”

Backrest Width: 20.07” Backrest Height: 25”

Max Capacity: 275 lbs

  • Multi-Purpose Chair
  • Attached Speaker and subwoofer
  • Headphone Jack
  • Lumbar and Neck Support
  • Cannot Connect to gaming systems that rely on HDMI connections

Best Buy

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III is the Best Gaming Chair For Xbox One. Pedestal Extreme III provides you couch-like comfortability. It comes with a pair of in-built speakers and a headphone jack that gives you an immersive audio experience. 

X Rocker has separate volume and bass controls along with input/output jacks for connecting to other X Rocker chairs during the multi-game mode. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. Its 25 inches seat depth gives you ample space and can easily accommodate heavy and tall people, an excellent chair for Xbox game lovers.

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