Best Gaming Chair For Fat Person Reviews 2022

Are you looking for a nice and stylish Gaming Chair For Fat Person as your new computer chair? We all know that it is difficult to find a good comfy one because we have different body shape and height. That’s why we made the list of best gaming chairs under $400 and presented some best brands on the market: Arozzi, AKRacing, Aeon and more. We tested these chairs for a month and made a review on each of them, so you can choose your new chair according to budget and quality.

Top Picks for Best Gaming Chair For Fat Person

1.Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

Are you looking for a comfy and stylish Gaming Chair For Fat Person? Then this Homall computer chair is perfect for you. The seat, backrest and armrests of this chair are made of high density cold foam which can provide instant relief on your pressure points after long hours sitting on the computer. Moreover, it has total adjustable headrest pillow and lumbar support with removable cover which help to relieve stress from your neck and lower back.

This gaming chair also equipped with two built-in speakers and headphone jack cable which let you fully enjoy the game time with clear sound system. Another interesting feature of this recliner chair is that it has 360 degrees swivel rotation function with adjustable height (5 positions) while some other chairs don’t have this function.

Despite the nice features and appearance, we think that this chair has one serious downside: it is too heavy and must be assembled when you get it out of the box. The weight of Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is 57 lbs so not everyone can assemble it without help from other people.

  • High backrest and head rest for comfortable gaming experience

  • Reclining function with adjustable height

  • Built in speakers and headphone jack cable

  • Too heavy to assemble (57 lbs)

2.GTRacing Gaming Chair

This GTRacing gaming chair is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a good cheap computer chair. The seat and backrest are well padded with 5cm tall cold foam which provide a comfy support on your lower back and neck after long time sitting. There is also removable lumbar cushion along the back rest for extra comfort.

The appearance of this cheap chair looks nice because it has PU leatherette cover to match its black base. Its armrests are not as soft as other gaming chairs’ but still comfortable enough to rest your arms after long time holding mouse or keyboard during playing games. We also tested it from 4ft11-6ft1 people and they all satisfied with how it feels on different body types.

But just like most of cheap computer chairs, GTRacing has some negative features such as the mechanism quality and the base which both are not up to standard with other more expensive gaming chairs. Sometimes during testing it felt wobbling or shaking for no reason even though its foot rest is wide enough to stabilize it.

  • Comfy support on back and neck
  • Affordable price

  • The material doesn’t feel very high quality (PU leather)

3.AutoFull Pro Gaming Chair

This AutoFull gaming chair is one of the most popular cheap computer chairs on Amazon. It has sleek design with sporty look and comes in 6 different colors to choose (we like Dark red one). The appearance would be even better if it had PU leather cover (just like GTRacing), but nonetheless, its fabric cover looks stylish so you can keep it in your bedroom or living room without any hesitation. We all know that this isn’t a big problem for hardcore gamers who use these chairs only while playing games because they don’t care much about color or other minor details when they’re focused on their gameplays.

The seat of this cheap gaming chair has thick 5cm cold foam padded with breathable mesh which makes it vented for your back and leg after long hours sitting. It also equipped with removable pillows for lumbar support and headrest. It has a lot of adjustability options such as adjustable height, 360 degrees swivel rotation to suit your needs that you’ll find at the top chairs.

However, this computer chair seems that it’s not wide enough for really big people or more than 6ft0 tall guys due to its slim design which makes it uncomfortable for bigger/taller people. Also, some users mentioned that it doesn’t have a very stable base so you should be careful when moving it around on carpeted floors because it can get stuck sometimes while swivelling from one place to another.

  • Sporty look with different color options

  • High backrest and headrest

  • 360 degrees swivel rotation

  • Not wide enough for bigger/taller people
  • Not very stable base on carpeted floors

4.Blue Whale Gaming Chair

This is the best cheap computer chair for big/tall people with back support. Its ergonomic design provides full body support to all gamers who have problems with their backs or arms after long hours playing video games on PC, Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo. It’s also suitable for office chair or other usages since this gaming chair has a lot of features which are very useful in daily life as well. The first thing you’ll probably notice about this chair is blue PU leather cover which makes it look stylish and modern unlike some other cheap computer chairs’ dull colors.

The lumbar support pillow along the backrest feels really nice if you don’t like that hard pressure feeling when siting on normal office chairs for few minutes. We can’t say that it’s as big as other gaming chairs’ lumbar support pillow but still pretty nice and does its job to help you with your back. The height is also adjustable up to about 4ft11-6ft1 via gas lift which is user friendly function for adjusting the chair according to your needs.

There is a lot of adjustability options such as 360 degrees swivel rotation, 180 degrees reclining option which can be locked at any positions by pulling the handle on the side of the base, multi-function armrests which are useful especially when playing games from keyboard or mouse. However this computer chair doesn’t have a headrest pillow so if you have long hair then it be a bit difficult for using this cheap gaming chair.

  • PU leather cover with blue color makes it stylish and modern
  • Thick padded seat for back support
  • Height adjustable up to 6ft1 via gas lift
  • 360 degrees swivel rotation, 180 degrees reclining, removable lumbar support pillow make this computer chair very user friendly
  • No headrest pillow so if you have long hair using this chair will be a bit uncomfortable for your neck.

5.NITRO CONCEPTS S300 Gaming Chair

Nitro Concepts is a new brand in gaming chair industry and this model seems to be interesting for gamers who like gadgets and technology. There are three color LED lighting (red, green, blue) on the sides of headrest pillow which can’t be turned off but you can change their colors by pressing simple button on the side of the pillows. You also get two additional USB ports near armrests which come very handy while playing games from Xbox or PS4 controller that uses only one USB port to connect with console. This cheap computer chair has a lot of adjustability options such as adjustable height, 360 degrees swivel rotation, 180 reclining option which locks at any positions via handle on the base. The seat has padded thick foam which isn’t too soft and it’s also not too hard so you can sit on this chair for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. The lumbar support pillow is thick and really feels nice especially after long gaming sessions.

  • LED lighting on the headrest and two USB ports near armrests
  • User friendly adjustability options such as height adjustable via gas lift, 360 degrees swivel rotation, 180 degrees reclining with locking function using handle on the base of the chair
  • High backrest and padded thick foam seat are very comfortable for people who spend long hours playing games or doing their job

  • No cons in particular

Things to consider before buying Gaming Chair For Fat Person


Before buying gaming chair for people who are overweight, you should make sure the arm rests are adjustable and removable because if they’re not then it will be very uncomfortable to use them.


Another important thing that you have to consider is having a headrest pillow which is also referred as neck rest because it helps gamers to play games from long time without feeling discomfort in their necks after hours of usage.

3.Lumbar Support Pillow

Having a lumbar support pillow on your cheap computer chair or even an expensive gaming chair can help you sit more comfortably during longer periods of time so do the needful and choose a good office chair with proper back support along with adjustable lumbar pillow option for maximum comfort.

4.Seat Depth

People who are overweight normally have large bellies so their seat depth is way larger than the average person. If you’re one of them then you should think about buying a gaming chair with more seat depth options for better adjustability.

5.Height Adjustable

There are also some gaming chairs which can be adjusted in terms of height according to your needs or requirements, these height adjustable features come very helpful especially when playing games that require sitting on the ground (ex: Tekken 7 – PS4).


If you like to play games while lying on your back, then you should make sure the gaming chair is reclinable. Some chairs allow to lay flat on their seats which can be very useful for people who spend hours playing games or doing something related with their job while laying down.

7.Nylon Casters

There are some cheap computer chair which comes with Nylon Casters instead of rubber casters because they’re way better than rubber casters in terms of functionality and durability so if you want your chair to last long then keep that in mind before buying one.

8.Lumbar Cushion

Instead of buying gaming chair with adjustable lumbar support pillow, you can also buy a separate lumbar cushion and put it on your computer or office chair to get the same effect as well.


Gaming chairs usually have larger casters which are rubber, but if you want your chair to last longer then it would be a smarter choice to buy a cheap computer chair with nylon casters because they’re much more durable and functional.

10.Armrests Cushion

There are also some office chairs which come with extra armrest cushion along with adjustable armrests so that people who spend hours in front of their PC or laptop can find comfort while playing games from Xbox or PS4 controller.

11.Padded Armrest And Back Rest

Another thing that you should consider before buying any gaming chair is having at least two padded arm rests and back rest cushions installed on your chair so you can easily decrease discomfort after long hours of continuous playing games.

12.Padding Material

The material used to cover your gaming chair should be breathable so that it can help prevent sweating, this is very important especially during summer because if you don’t have a good quality breathable padding on your office chair then you will not feel comfortable after half an hour or more of usage.

13.Price Tag

Last but not least thing that every person who want to buy a new computer chair must keep in mind before buying one is checking the price tag because sometimes people end up making bad decisions while buying expensive chairs with lots of things which are unnecessary for them which can improve their user experience as well as make them sit more comfortably without spending too much money on things they don’t need.


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